Boost your IT management!

Streamline asset control

Manage IT assets and connected data. All in one place.
Asset Management application oversees your asset inventory, categorizing every asset by owner and enabling your users
to submit request and return forms.

What do you get?

IT assets organized

  • Paperless documentation in one place
  • Complete record of IT assets available
  • Smooth allocation of IT asset reserves
  • Transparent responsibility for IT assets

Time savings

  • Entire documentation available 24/7
  • Reports on demand
  • Swift IT asset reallocation
  • No need to ask around where
    IT assets are

Accurate data

  • Entire documentation always up to date
  • Accurate data on IT assets in-stock
  • Purchase orders optimized
  • All IT asset-related incidents registered and documented

See the IT Asset Management application in action:

WEBCON BPS Starter - IT Asset Management
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Ready to start? Learnhow to begin using the WEBCON BPS 2019 starter applications:

WEBCON BPS Starter - introduction
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