Boost your IT management!

All data about your IT system in one place

Collect information about your IT systems: vendors, contact details, SLA parameters and infrastructure.
Monitor number of errors, measure satisfaction, evaluate SLA quality.
Make sure cooperation with your vendors meet your standards.

What do you get?

Clarity of information

  • System details in one place: owner, vendor, servers used, important contacts
  • Crucial SLA terms easy to access and trace
  • Repository of all system-related documents: EULAs, SLAs, end-user manuals, etc.

Service level improvement

  • Vendor satisfaction surveys available to every IT system owner
  • Service quality charts to simplify periodic service evaluation
  • IT systems’ realibility over time displayed transparently

Business benefits

  • Easy knowledge transfer in case of personnel transition, retirement or vacation
  • Better position during negotiations of Service Level Agreement renewals

See the IT Systems Registry application in action:

WEBCON BPS Starter - IT System Registry
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Ready to start? Learnhow to begin using the WEBCON BPS 2019 starter applications:

WEBCON BPS Starter - introduction
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