Privacy policy

Privacy Policy


The Privacy Policy determines the principles of gathering and collecting personal data and other anonymous data on the following website: A website user is each person visiting the above-mentioned website.

WEBCON Sp. z o.o. makes every effort to ensure the privacy and protection of the personal information which is provided when using the website, and, to this end, takes specific measures to prevent the unauthorised interference of third parties with the stored and processed personal data by the following:

  • the website is used via a safe encrypted connection (SSL);
  • data are stored at a properly secured servers in the EU;
  • access to personal data is determined by appropriate internal procedures on company security.

Despite the security measures applied by WEBCON, every user should follow the principles of security. To prevent the account being used by unauthorised persons, you should log out when you are no longer using the website, keep the login and password confidential and do not disclose them to any third parties.


Personal data controller


The personal data controller is:

WEBCON Sp. z o.o.
Babinskiego 69
30-393 Krakow, Poland
NIP (Tax Identification Number): PL6762414097, REGON (Statistical Number): 121153997


Purpose and type of personal data processing:


As part of the website, the personal data controller gathers and processes the personal data listed below. The provision of personal data is voluntary, althought it might be necessary in certain cases to gain access to some features of the website.

  1. for the purposes of registration and the setting up of an account on the company website that enable the user to access detailed information and download a free version of the product or / and free BPM workflows:
  • first and last name
  • name of the company
  • e-mail address
  • telephone number
  1. for the purposes of answering the user contact questions:
  • first and last name
  • name of the company
  • e-mail address
  • telephone number
  1. for the purposes of sending commercial and marketing information, such as offers, newsletters, mailings, information and promotional materials about WEBCON products:
  • first and last name
  • name of the company
  • e-mail address
  • telephone number

Personal data are gathered and processed for the purposes of the controller until they are no longer useful or the user withdraws their consent.


Making personal data available to other entities cooperating with WEBCON


WEBCON Sp. z o.o. may make the personal data of users available to selected partners with whom it cooperates within the scope of conducted business activities. Personal data may be transferred particularly as a response to the contact, registration, interest in the products on the part of the user. The list of WEBCON partners is published at the website.

WEBCON Sp. z o.o. may make the personal data of users available to selected service providers with whom it cooperates in order to take marketing and analytical measures. The data may be made available only within the scope necessary to perform relevant actions arising from the nature of the business activity.

If participation in a conference, training session or another event is declared, the personal data of users may also be made available to other participants, speakers, co-organisers, hotels and other entities involved in the organisation of the event within the scope necessary to perform their tasks.

Due to the global scope of actions conducted by the Controller, the personal data of the users may be transferred to countries outside the European Union.


Access to personal data


Each user has the right to access their personal data, the right to demand their update, and the right to demand their removal at any time.

The user may also, at any time, change the scope in which their data are processed, e.g. resign from receiving marketing information via e-mail.

For matters related to the scope of personal data processing, updates, or the request to remove the data, the user may contact the Controller by:

  • sending a request/ demand via e-mail to the following address:
  • sending a request/ demand by traditional mail to the company’s headquarters: WEBCON Sp. z o.o., Babinskiego 69, 30-393 Krakow, Poland.


Cookies and other anonymous data


Our website uses the so-called Cookies, that is information saved by servers on the end device (e.g. computer, telephone). Cookies usually include the name of the domain of the website from which they originate, the time of their storage on the end device and a unique number.

Cookies may be saved on the end device of the user and then used by external providers of tools for monitoring traffic and activity on the websites that cooperate with WEBCON.

Types of cookies used:

  • Permanent cookies remain in the Internet browser of the device until they are deleted by the user or until the period of time pre-defined in the cookies parameters lapses.
  • Session cookies remain in the browser until it is closed or you log out from the website on which they have been installed.

Cookies are not used for processing or storing personal data; it is not possible to directly identify the user with their help and they do not introduce configuration changes in the browser and ICT end device.

The cookies technology is used by most advanced websites in order to improve the quality of their operation, particularly:

  • to create display statistics for individual contents and user behaviour on the website,
  • to personalise the services provided with the website,
  • to keep the users’ sessions open,
  • to authenticate the person using the website,
  • to provide the users with personalised advertising content.

External entities cooperating with WEBCON and using cookies at the website:

In order to manage cookies, you need to change the settings in your Internet browser. If you do not change the settings concerning cookies, they will be installed on the user’s end device and thus WEBCON will store information on the user’s end device and access it.

Changes of cookies settings in Internet browsers:

Instructions for mobile devices:

WEBCON Sp. z o.o. also collects other anonymous data, the so-called system logs, such as user IP address, date and time of visit. The system logs are used only for statistical purposes and website administration.

If you have any questions about the privacy policy, you may send them to the company’s headquarters:

WEBCON Sp.z o.o.
Babinskiego 69
30-393 Krakow, Poland